Tena Liners Extra Long 24 Pack

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TENA Extra Long Length Liner has high absorbency for light incontinence. Specifically designed to manage the thin, fast flow of a bladder leak whilst offering greater security and coverage so you can enjoy everyday activities. Ideal if you prefer the security of a longer liner.

Flat packed without individual wrapping, this box is ideal for your bathroom or underwear drawer.

    • Fresh Odour Control stops odours developing

    • Made from breathable fabric for soft comfort wear

    • BodyShape™ fit contours to the body for added security and comfort

Recommended for:

    • Extra length, coverage and absorbency

    • Very light urge incontinence – a sudden need to get to the toilet

    • Frequent stress incontinence when laughing coughing or sneezing

    • More strenuous sports such as tennis or netball, to last the entire game