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Don't forget to bring your 

1. National Photo ID: Driver's Licence / Passport

2. Medicare Card if you have one

3. Vaccinations: Signed Hard Copy Consent Form (below)

to your appointment.

4. Vaccinations: Due to temporarily fluctuating stock levels, please check with us ahead of your appointment to confirm specific vaccine stock availability.

5. Vaccinations: will be automatically forfeited within 15mins before closing time, due to State Mandated post-vaccination monitoring time requirements. 



The Government is winding down Moderna Covid vaccine stock, so eventually Pfizer newest strain will be available only. 

2024 Flu Vaccine is now available for privately priced patients

For those eligible & NIP patients > 65yrs vaccines are also now available.

For those with Corporate Funded Flu Vaccination Vouchers, please make booking with us here: 2024 Guild Corporate Health Flu Vaccination Program with Regents Park Pharmacy, it will ask you for a valid Organisation Code.


COVID Vaccination Information

Please check updated ATAGI advice on COVID vaccinations you are eligible for:

NSW Health Covid-19 Vaccination Guidance

Please Print & Sign Covid Consent Form & bring with you: 

Covid-19 Vaccination Consent Form


Flu Vaccination Information         

Please check updated NSW Health advice on Flu vaccinations you are eligible for: 

NSW Health Flu Vaccination Guidance

Please Print & Sign Flu Consent Form & bring with you: 

Flu Vaccination Consent Form







当前可用的 COVID 疫苗:


1. 请打印 签名

2. 确认疫苗可用性 往上看 ^

3. 选择疫苗预约时间!   (<- 现在点击这里)

4. 请携带带照片的身份证件和 medicare 卡到您的预约。