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Piksters Interdental Brushes Size 3 Yellow 10 Pack

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Piksters Interdental Brushes cleans the difficult to reach areas between your teeth and effectively removes plaque that toothbrushes miss - like floss only easier.
Strong, stiff, plastic coated wire which does not buckle like some other brands. A one piece design eliminates 2 piece fiddly assembly. Resealable pack.
Product Piksters Interdental Brushes Size 3 Yellow 10 Pack
Brand Piksters
Category Dental Floss & Picks
  1. Choose a size that inserts without force, the correct size will fit easily.
  2. Insert the brush slowly with a gentle twisting action, then withdraw.
  3. Rinse brush and re cap.
  4. Piksters may be reused up to 2 weeks.
  5. Toothpaste may be applied to the brush before insertion.

Plastic, wire, Nylon 612 filament