LittleOak Infant Formula with Natural Goat Milk Stage 1 800g



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LittleOak Infant Formula provides the nourishment of natural whole goat’s milk. It is a delicious, creamy alternative to cow’s milk and is full of goodness. LittleOak Infant Formula is nutritionally complete and proudly manufactured in New Zealand to the highest food safety standards using only non-GMO ingredients.They use the highest quality ingredients sourced from nature, supported by science.

LittleOak Infant Formula is specially formulated for babies from birth to 6 months of age.  LittleOak believes that nothing can prepare our children for the world, like the world itself. Nature is the greatest provider of all. Our natural formula, made with the most wholesome ingredients we could find, have higher nutritional values and the goodness of goat’s milk to help every baby and toddler grow big and strong.  We avoid unnecessary synthetic additives, use whole goat’s milk and are Certified Palm Oil Free.