J&J Pure Cotton Buds Canister 150

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Johnson's Pure Cotton Buds Applicators are super soft and ideal for cleaning outer ears, nail polish and applying eye make-up.

Johnson's Pure Cotton Buds 100% pure cotton is naturally soft, absorbent and gentle on your skin.

When using on ears, gently remove visible dirt and wax around the outer surface of the ear.

Also available, Johnson's Baby Cotton Buds. Ideal for gentle cleansing around baby's outer ear, eyes and navel.

Products in our range include

- Balls

- Cotton Buds Applicators

- Pads

- Wool


- Applying creams & lotions, all your baby care needs

- Cleaning outer ears, nail polish & applying eye make- up

- Removing make-up & nail polish, applying creams & lotions

- Applying & removing make-up, all your baby care needs


- Super soft

- Absorbent & gentle

- Flexible stems

- No messy fibres left on face

- Convenient pack for desired amount

- All-purpose product