Fefol Iron & Folic Acid Capsules 30s

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Iron and Folic Acid Supplement. For the prevention and treatment of iron and folate deficiency^

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

What are Fefol Capsules for?

For the prevention and treatment of Iron and Folate deficiency^.

Helps relieve fatigue associated with iron deficiency^.

Who is Fefol Capsules for?

People looking for gentle and efficient iron supplementation.

When should I take Fefol Capsules?

Suitable for Iron and Folate deficient^ states

Why should I take Fefol Capsules?

FEFOL Iron & Folate supplement uses delayed release spansule technology, consisting of tiny wax coated pellets which release at different stages over several hours. This means more iron is absorbed compared to more commonly used, rapidly integrating tablets.
FEFOL contains Iron and Folate (Vitamin B9) which helps maintain both Iron and Folate levels in the body.
FEFOL is carefully formulated to reduce the likelihood of constipation and nausea, often associated with iron supplementation.

FEFOL is a Registered Medicine available only from pharmacies.

^Medically diagnosed Iron deficiency. Please consult your health professional to determine whether you have iron deficiency before taking this product.