Clearwipe AntiFog Lens Cleaner 20 Pack

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This Clearwipe AntiFog Lens Cleaner is specifically formulated lens cleaner that easily lifts grease and dust without leaving scratches. This pack comes with wipes pre-moistened with cleaning solution that dries quickly and leaves a streak-free finish.
  • This pack comes with pre-moistened wipes that will clean your glass lenses and leave a streak-free finish.
  • This lens cleaner is designed to easily lift grease and dust without leaving scratches.
  • The cleaning solution features 20% alcohol and dries down quickly.
  • You can use these wipes to clean your glasses, sunglasses, and ski goggles.
  • The pack comes with convenient wipes that are pre-moistened with cleaning solution.
  • The Clearwipe AntiFog easily removes fingerprints, dirt, and makeup without leaving scratches.
  • Simply use the wipes to clean your lenses before you wear them.
  • There are 20 wipes in this pack.