Bellamy's Organic Apple Snacks 12+ Months 20g



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Apples are recognised as a fruit that retains some of the highest level of pesticides and chemicals when not grown organically but with Bellamy's Organic Apple Snacks, you can be sure your toddler is getting only natural goodness from certified organic fruit, grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Each delicious slice of apple is snap dried which simply removes moisture from the apple, leaving you with a crisp and crunchy between-meals snack, with all the taste, fibre and nutrients of a fresh organic apple. Apple snacks come in a resealable pouch, so you can give your toddler a healthy snack wherever you are! Suitable from 12 months. 100% Australian fruit. Snap dried pieces. No added sugar. Made in Australia. Certified by NASAA Certified Organic. Convenient resealable pouch

Allergens: Our fruit snacks share a packing line with our cereals so may contain traces of gluten.


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