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Wealthy Health - Eucalyptus Organic 16 Honey 500g NOT FOR WA/SA

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Wealthy Health Kangaroo Island Pure BeeHive Eucalyptus Organic Honey is collected by pure Ligurian bees from the Stringybark Tea-tree (Leptospermum jingera) which belongs to the same Genus of Manuka. Kangaroo Island is a Government designated Ligurian Bee Sanctuary and has been since 1885.

Kangaroo Island now has the only known colony of pure Ligurian bees left in the world where healthy queen bees can be bred. The geographic isolation of Kangaroo Island has also enabled the bees to remain free of bee diseases present on the mainland, so no antibiotics or other chemicals are used in apiary management. The pristine enviroment of Kangaroo Island is hone to the world's only remaining pure strain of the ligurian honeybee which thrives on the island's natural flora, producing the highest qulity honey, rich in natural goodness.

Available Sizes: 500g Net Weight

  • Contains 100% PURE HONEY ONLY with no added substance Pure Honey , does not expire.
  • Certified 16+ Antibacterial activities
  • Sourced from Pollution free Bee Sanctuary Kangaroo Island
  • Free of pesticide and antibiotic
  • Certified Organic


100% Pure Honey

Pure Organic Honey may crystallize as it has been packed at low temperatures to maintain its natural colours and flavours. If crystallization occurs, Dissolve in warm water.
No requirement for best date as it does not deteriorate with age.