Vanish Gold Pro OxiAction Crystal White Powder 900g

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Vanish NapiSan Gold OxiAdvance Whitening Power Powder is a super-boosted version of the standard Vanish OxiAction Crystal White formula, containing millions of OxiAction bubbles. Our stain removal formulation is specifically developed to keep your whites white and works on stains even in cold wash at 25°C.

You choose how to use this versatile stain remover powder - in-wash, pre-treat or soak your fabrics. Removing stains from your cotton and polycotton everyday fabrics and keeping your whites white is easier than you think - just add a scoop in every wash.

  • 1st Time Amazing Stain Removal
  • Keeps Whites White Even After 50 Washes
  • Versatile stain remover – in-wash, pre-treat or soak your fabrics; just add a scoop in every wash
  • Safe for use on everyday fabrics, cotton and polyester. Chlorine Bleach free formula