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Manicare Ultimate Point Tweezers

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An ultra fine, elongated point tweezer ideal for easy removal of short, fine or ingrown hairs & splinters.

Manicare's Ultimate Point Tweezer is made with perfectly aligned, hand crafted ultra fine tips for ultimate precision. Using high quality, Japanese stainless steel with a contoured grip for control. Ideal for easy removal of short, fine or ingrown hairs & splinters. Includes a storage case.


Sharp implement. Keep away from children.


To remove ingrown hairs, use one tip of the tweezers to spring out the hair. Then tweeze it gently in the direction of hair growth.
To remove splinters, clean the area with soap and water, dip the tweezers in alcohol to sterilize, grip the splinter with needle points of the tweezer and back it out gently.


For best results, use after a hot shower or apply a hot towel to the area for hair removal. This will help loosen the hair follicle. Use the Manicare Ultimate Point Tweezer to grab baby fine strays and any short, tricky stubs.