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U by Kotex Slim Tampons Super 16 Pack

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These tampons have a slim, comfortable design. They feature a 'last line of defence' that helps provide superior leakage protection. They have coloured twist-open wrappers.
Prepare before and after inserting a tampon. Always make sure your hands are super clean and have just been washed. To unwrap, hold the tampon firmly on either side of the dotted line and twist sharply in opposite directions. Remove the bottom piece of wrapper so that the string is exposed and pull the string so that it hangs down. Hold the tampon by the string and then remove the other half of the wrapper. Once you've unwrapped the tampon, make sure you don't touch it too much or place it on any surface. When inserting Tampons, they should be held at the end where the string is positioned. The string should stay outside your body so you can easily remove the tampon later on. When removing tampon, gently pull the string. Dispose of tampon in a bin / sanitary bin. Do not flush used tampon down the toilet.