Comfort Fabric Conditioner Rosy Blush 800ml

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Comfort's Rosy Blush Fabric Conditioner is the household staple that brightens and softens your day. Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day! Clothes have the power to influence how you feel - Boost them with Comfort.

Comfort Fabric Conditioner conditions your clothes providing long-lasting fragrance and softness, and leaves your clothes looking dazzling and smooth. Using Comfort Fabric Conditioner in every wash will leave clothes with a sumptuous, refreshing and revitalising fragrance that lasts all day. Adding only ½ a cap of Comfort Rosy Blush is enough for perfect results and will leave your clothes looking, feeling and smelling fresher for longer. 
Comfort Fabric Conditioner range is recommended by leading laundry machine manufacturers. 
Dosage instructions: For normal loads (4-5kg) use half a cap of Comfort fabric conditioner, for large loads (6-7kg) or extra softness and freshness, use a full cap, for handwashing use a third of a cap of Comfort. 
Directions for use: Comfort Fabric Conditioner is easy to use. 1. Add Comfort to your machine's fabric conditioner dispenser unit. 2. Wash hands after use. 3. Do not pour directly onto fabrics. Simply pour the correct dose straight into the correct compartment of your washing machine drawer or dispenser.

Enjoy 4 Conditioning Benefits in 1 with Comfort Fabric Conditioner

The fabric softener leaves your clothing next-level dazzling

Super Smooth, Warm, Soft and Sophisticated

Fresh Rosy fragrance

Recommended fabric conditioner by leading washing machine manufacturers

Fabric conditioner bottle is 100% recyclable


Water, alkyl ester ammonium, cetostearyl alcohol, fragrance, calcium chloride, ethanol, 1-hydroxy ethylidene-1 diphosphonic acid, 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2h)-one, dimethicone, colourants


Recommended for use in all machine types
For full loads - 1 cap
For handwashing 10L - 1/2 cap
Add To Machine's Fabric Conditioner Dispensing Unit. For handwashing wear gloves. Wash Hands After Use. Do Not Pour Directly Onto Fabrics.