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Colgate 360 Advanced Floss Tip Manual Toothbrush, Soft - 1 pk

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Colgate® 360°® Advanced Floss-Tip Bristles

  • Floss-Tip bristles reach deep between teeth.
  • 4x deeper reach below the gumline* compared to an ordinary Colgate® flat-trim toothbrush.
  • Removes bacteria from teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.
  • Cheek and tongue cleaner cleans your whole mouth while you brush.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle for precise maneuvering.

This toothbrush does not replace flossing
*Below the gumline compared to an ordinary Colgate flat trim toothbrush

Tapered Floss-Tip bristles
Tapered Floss-Tip bristles reach deep between teeth for better interdental cleaning compared to an ordinary Colgate® flat-trim toothbrush.

Cheek and tongue cleaner
Innovative cheek and tongue cleaner to remove more odor causing bacteria.

Ergonomic handle
A comfortable, ergonomic handle and thumb grip for precise maneuvering, to help reach all areas of your mouth.