Chantelle Gift Pack 4 in 1

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This pack includes:

1. Chantelle Facial All Day Treatment 50g

Chantelle Facial All Day Treatment contains a truly remarkable moisturising complex of aloe vera, sheep placenta, jojoba oil, which would make skin softer, firmer and more hydrated, minimize the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, This exclusive formulation would improve skin elasticity and deeply nourish skin for suppleness and comfort.  Contains a truly remarkable moisturising complex of aloe vera, sheep placenta, jojoba oil

2. Chantelle Eye Treatment Film 15g

Chantelle Eye Treatment Film contains essential ingredients including placenta extract that reduce appearance of wrinkle and fine lines. This non-greasy, glycerine-rich formula penetrates instantly refines and gives soft and comfortable sensation.

3. Chantelle Lotion with Vitamin E 100ml

Chantelle Moisturising Body Lotion is an ultra rich body lotion with 24 hours time release. It contains a blend of specially selected vitamins and superior moisturizers and provides daily protection against dry and chapped skin. Leaving your skin soft and elegantly smooth. Suitable for all skin types and age groups. Apply an appropriate amount to a clean face in the morning and at night.

4. Chantelle Facial Treatment Essence 30ml 

Chantelle Facial Treatment Essence can promote cell regeneration, powerful repair of skin, restore the skin young and shiny skin care products. Rich in Australian natural sheep placenta extract. Apply to face and neck after cleansing then rub gently until it is fully absorbed.