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Carmex Ointment Pot 7.5G

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Carmex is a chic little lip balm, designed to help protect lips against chapping. It is famous for its sexy and kissable tingling sensation and comes in a mini-pot, a funky retro container which slips easily into makeup bags, purses, pockets or glove boxes for a quick application of glossy long-lasting lip coverage.

Carmex Lip Balm combines camphor, menthol, and salicylic acid in a soothing base of cocoa butter and waxes, helping to give an effective defence against chapped dryness. Not only does it feel smooth and emollient, but it has a glossy finish and Carmex;

* Helps condition and moisturise
* Helps to protect from windburn and dryness
* Can be worn under or over lipstick
* Provides a long lasting glossy shine
* Is easy to carry
* Is not tested on animals
* Is preservative free