Bisolvon Chesty Kids 6+ Strawberry Flavour 200ml

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Bisolvon® Chesty Kids 6+ Strawberry Liquid is used to relieve a chesty, productive cough where the chest is congested with mucus that is difficult to cough up.

Bisolvon® Chesty Kids 6+ Strawberry Liquid thins, loosens and clears mucus from the chest to relieve chest congestion and chesty coughs.

It is suitable for kids aged 6+ and comes in a pleasant tasting strawberry flavour.

Convenient 8 hourly dosing. Non drowsy.

Each 5ml contains bromhexine 4mg.

Contains: Contains benzoates, maltitol, and sucralose.

Alcohol free, sugar free, colour free, gluten free and lactose free.

Size: 200ml