Benzac Blackeheads Facial Scrub 60g

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Benzac® Blackheads Facial Scrub gently exfoliates the skin to help remove blackheads and skin impurities. This cleansing scrub is ideal for skin prone to blackheads and is dermatologically tested.

Benzac® Blackheads Facial Scrub offers a gentle solution for clearing blackheads. It works by unclogging pores through exfoliation using natural rice extracts, deeply cleansing the skin and removing impurities, revealing a clearer, smoother complexion. The addition of Shea Butter helps to soften the skin to prevent it from drying afterwards. Dermatologically tested and designed for use twice a week.


• Removes blackheads and skin impurities
• Unclogs pores
• Deeply cleanses and softens the skin with Shea Butter
• Gently exfoliates with natural extracts of rice
• Dermatologically tested

Size: 60g