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Book a Vaccine


Current COVID vaccine availabilites:

Due to high volumes of bookings, some vaccinations may be fully booked or temporarily closed while waiting for stock.

Please check back tomorrow.


Vaccines available:

Influenza (Ages 10 and above): Booking and walk-ins available now (OPEN)

Influenza (Adult):  Booking and walk-ins available now (OPEN)

Pfizer (Ages 5-11) Children: Booking and walk-ins available now (OPEN)

Pfizer (Ages 5-11) Children: Booking and walk-ins available now (OPEN)

Pfizer  (Adult) 1st/2nd dose and Booster: Booking and walk-ins available now (OPEN)

Moderna (Adult) 1st/2nd dose and Booster: Booking and walk-ins available now (OPEN)

Astrazenca (Adult) 1st/2nd dose: Booking and walk-ins available now (OPEN)

Novovax (Adult)1st/2nd dose: Booking and walk-ins available now (OPEN)


How to book:

1. Please Print & Sign: 
    Covid-19 Vaccination Consent Form

    Influenza Vaccine Consent Form

2. CHECK if your vaccine is available See above ^

3. Choose a Vaccine and BOOK a Time!   (<- Now Click Here). Enter your email correctly to receive booking confirmation and updates.

4. Please bring Photo ID and Medicare Card to your appointment.

How to make changes to your appointment:

Use your Booking Reference and go to the Reschedule page.






当前可用的 COVID 疫苗:

辉瑞(5-11 岁) 儿童:有货打开

辉瑞 第 1 次/第 2 次剂量和加强剂: 有货打开

现代 第 1 次/第 2 次剂量和加强剂: 有货打开)

牛井 第一/第二剂: 有货  (打开)



1. 请打印 签名

2. 确认疫苗可用性 往上看 ^

3. 选择疫苗预约时间!   (<- 现在点击这里)

4. 请携带带照片的身份证件和 medicare 卡到您的预约。