At our pharmacy, your health is our priority.


Our pharmacy experts are trained in diabetic health care and are here to help by offering free diabetic consultation services including:

  • Blood glucose monitoring

  • Dietary management

  • Lifestyle management

  • Weight loss management

We are an agent for the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS), a government initiative which aims to assist diabetic Australians. To find out more, ask our diabetes advisors by booking a free consultation or visit us in store for your free diabetes checkup.

For further information on NDSS, contact the NDSS Helpline at 1300 136 588.



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Type 1 Diabetes


This condition affects the immune system by destroying the insulin-making cells in the pancreas of your body.

Type 2 Diabetes


This is a progressive condition in which your body produces insufficient or ineffective insulin. It is the most common form of diabetes affecting 85-90% of diabetic individuals.

Gestational Diabetes


This form of diabetes occurs during pregnancy. After birth, blood glucose levels generally return to normal.